Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple, Dharmasthala


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Situated on the banks of river Nethravathi and surrounded by the lush green forests and hills of Malnad, Dharmasthala is known for it's beautiful surroundings and Sri Manjunathaswamy Temple. In Dharmasthala, charity is a way of life, extended to all without discrimination. Sri Dharmasthala which is one of the sacred places in South India and is a famous pilgrim centre. It is situated in the village of Dharmasthala, in Beltangady Taluk of South Kanara district about 75 kms from Mangalore. 
Originally this place was called Kuduma, it has rich history of over 800 years. The History of this place says that, one day about 800 years ago, angels in the form of human beings came to house of pious people, Barmana Heggade and his family. The couple received the visitors with joy and respect. Impressed with the hospitality and the treatment given by the family, the angels appeared in their dream and promised to stay at Kuduma. They also ordered Barmana Heggade to give donations and food for the needy everyday. As per the wish of the angels Barmana Heggade built temples for Kalarahu, Kalarkai, Kumarswamy and Kanyakumari and performed the rituals and ceremonies from time to time. 
Entrance of Dharmasthala Temple 
Sometime later when Annappa Swamy, the messenger of the angels brought Shivalingam from Kadri in Mangalore, Heggade built a temple of Manjunatha Swamy and installed the Kadri's Shiva Linga there.

Henceforth, several ceremonies were held together for Manjunatha Swamy, Chandranatha Swamy and the angels. Kuduma became Dharmasthala, the place where Dharma is a way of life. 

Now Dharmasthala is beautiful city with modern houses, magnificient buildings and tourist bungalows. There are many educational institutions providing basic and higher educations.

Even after several years, the Heggade family have continued to serve the place with donations etc. 
Some of the prominent in the Heggade dynasty are Kumarayya Heggade, Manjayya Heggade (the second), Chandayya Heggade, Rathna Verma Heggade. 

Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple, Dharmasthala
Lord Bahubali's Statue, Dharmasthala Temple 
Following the footsteps of his ancestors, the present Dharmadhikari, Sri Veerendra Heggade has successfully accomplished several revolutionary developmental projects. Soon after he took charge, Sri Veerendra Heggade completed the installation of the 39 ft., 170 ton Bahubali in Dharmasthala. 
In 1982 the Mahamasthakabhisheka of Bahubali was held in a grand fashion. It was an important milestone in the history of Dharmasthala. 
The temple has Vaishnavite Archakas and is administered by Heggade, a Jain Trustee. Charity is a way of life here & is extended to all with no distinction of caste or creed. Thousands throng the temple and every visitor is fed free of charge. During Laksha Deepothsava, one lakh lamps are lit and literacy and religious discourses are held. 

Free mass weddings which were started in 1973 have gained popularity. It is a boon to those who cannot afford weddings on their own. The Siddavana gurukula started by the Late Manjayya Heggade has become a model educational institution. 

Sri Kshetra is known for Annadhaana, Vidyadhaana and Abhayadhaana. It is one of the few pilgrim centers which provides free boarding and lodging to all the visitors. The exponentially increasing number of visitors is a proof of the good work being done here. 

Sri Veerendra Heggade

Dharmasthala is also a famous educational center. The educational trust of Sri Kshetra manages colleges in Ujjre, Mangalore, Udupi among other places. The medical trust also provides services to eradicate and prevent many diseases in local villages. The Dharmasthala trust has also executed projects to provide basic 

The Yakshagana group of the trust is moving forward with the aim of popularising yakshagana through out the country. Yakshagana training programme is held every year. There is also a yoga training center. The monthly magazine Manjuvani publishes articles of religous importance and local information.  ;

Dharmasthala: Tel: 91 8256 77141 

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