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"It is our endeavor to develop this site into a place where all of us can  find out about the services and latest activities offered to our residents and guests.  We hope to make this site useful to folks of all ages and from every walk of  life,  providing You  with a wealth of information about our great home, enabling You to find the South Kanara information You are "in search of." We hope you enjoy  We are committed towards achieving this goal and welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please use "feedback" to let us know if you did not find the information you needed." will be updated on a frequent basis.  Please re-visit us. 


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While you are here please visit our website on Andra Pradeash at - is a very imformative directory about Andra Pradesh's culture, business and places of interests.  Familiarize yourself with Andhra's newspapers, magazines, TV or radio stations.  The evolution of the Internet in Andhra today. A tour through Andhra Pradesh's History will help you understand where the state stands today. Also, we offer an overview of Andhra's architecture through the centuries. 

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